Tech Tips

Below you’ll find helpful tips for how to read or listen to Plays Of Light on a variety of devices.  

Audiobook Tips

Thank you for purchasing the Plays Of Light audiobook.

Once you’ve purchased the audiobook, you may download the files directly from the website or wait until you receive our receipt email which will include download links. You’ll need to download the audiobook to a computer (desktop or laptop) first, then sync it with your listening device(s). Please note that you’ll only be able to download your purchase once, for copyright reasons.    

Due to the length of the audiobook (33 hours, 23 minutes), it has been broken up into three parts for delivery to you. You can listen to your audiobook with iTunes/iBooks (on your phone, tablet, or computer); or you can listen to it on an Android device by downloading an audiobook player.

Please note that if you are downloading the audiobook using Safari, in testing we have found that the Safari browser may add a “.txt” suffix to the end of your filename. If this happens, to any of your downloaded files, you can simply right click on the affected file to rename it and then delete the .txt extension before moving it to iTunes. Hopefully Apple will address this Safari bug very soon.

Below, you’ll find instructions for how to then play the audiobook either via an Apple mobile device or Android mobile device:

iPhone or iPad:

The easiest way to listen on an iPhone or iPad is to first move the downloaded M4B files into your iTunes library and then sync them with your phone.

  1. Download the audiobook files onto a computer (desktop or laptop).
  2. Open the files with iTunes or drag the downloaded files to your iTunes app. The files will be automatically added to your audiobook library.
  3. Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable.
  4. Sync your phone with you computer. Click here for instructions on how to sync.
  5. Your audiobook will now be available in the iBooks app on your iPhone. The three M4B files will have combined into the Plays Of Light audiobook in your audiobook library.


In order to listen to the audiobook on your Android phone or tablet, you will need to download an audiobook player and also a file transfer application to your device:

  1. Download the audiobook files onto your computer (desktop or laptop)
  2. On your phone or tablet, download either a Dropbox or Google Drive app (depending on which file sharing service you use on your computer. If you don’t use one, you will need to get one of them on your computer).
  3. Now upload the audiobook files to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  4. Download the Listen Audiobook Player app ($1.99) to your phone or tablet.
  5. On your phone or tablet, install the app for Dropbox or Google Drive. Then open either your Dropbox or Google Drive app.
  6. Select the part 1 audio file and click “open with”:
    1. If Listen Audiobook Player is one of the apps listed, select it and open the file
    2. If you are not given the option to open the file with the audiobook player, download the file directly to your phone. Now, open the Listen Audiobook Player and search for the audiobook file to open it.


eBook Tips

Thank you for choosing Plays Of Light. You can download the eBook directly onto your preferred reading device.

Once you’ve purchased the book, you may download the files directly from the website or wait until you receive our receipt email which will include download links. Please note that you’ll only be able to download the book once, for copyright reasons.

From the Plays Of Light website, when you click to download the eBook you may choose from a number of different platforms for reading Plays Of Light. When you click on a platform the appropriate file format downloads directly to the device you are using to visit the website.

To read the ebook on your mobile device, you will have to decide what app you want to use to read Plays Of Light before starting to download. If you have the Kindle app installed, you likely prefer Kindle. If not, you may wish to use iBooks. Perhaps you prefer to read a PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader, or another e-reader like Google Play or Kobo.

Whichever app you have installed on your device and wish to use, after the download completes, your device will ask you “Open in [name of your default app for file type]” or “More”. If your preferred app follows “Open in”, simply tap. If not, tap “More.” Scroll through the choices and you will find your preferred application. Tap the icon and the app will open Plays Of Light in your library. Read and enjoy.